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Havening Technique®

Havening uses soothing touch, focus, and imagination to activate electrochemical changes in the brain that can shift how memories are processed and perceived. Some results of this simple-yet-profound psychosensory technique are decreased stress and anxiety, increased sense of resiliency, capacity for greater achievement, and emotional and psychological healing.


Our brains and bodies are, fortunately, constantly changing and undergoing complex chemical processes. Havening is one gentle way to harness your innate capacity to create lasting change in your relationship to painful memories while building up creativity and resiliency. The power is in your hands to free yourself from the past. The practice of Havening both heals and reveals.

Havening Techniques is a registered trade mark of Ronald Ruden, 15 East 91st St. New York.

Sessions available in person or online via Zoom.

"I came to Martha for Havening on a recommendation from a friend after experiencing a traumatic and toxic relationship. I was in the throes of dealing with trauma and desperate for anything to help me work through it and even dig deeper into old traumas. I had the opportunity to work with Martha on three occasions, and every time I left the session feeling empowered, relieved, and clearer on my boundaries.


Martha created a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment that allowed me to relax into the process and to safely and tenderly release traumatic events and the emotional and physical attachment I'd had to those events. I also appreciate Martha teaching me how to use this technique for myself—it's a beautiful tool to add to my collection of self-care and self-soothing practices. I am forever grateful to Martha for her help and for her support, and I cannot recommend working with her enough!" — Laura G.

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