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"Spirit is the Life, Mind is the Builder, and the Physical the Result." — Edgar Cayce

Breathwork is balancing for the energetic system and supports rejuvenation, health, and wellness on physical, mental, and emotional levels. It gently releases tension and supressed emotion and allows you to take charge of your ability to heal, grow, and manifest. Supportive mindfulness practices are integrated into the sessions, and specific home practices are recommended. Exploring "the art of undoing" through breathwork practice is foundational for becoming more present, insightful, and comfortable in opening to your authentic self. Working with specific intentions and spiritual ideals carries the transformative aspects of the practice from the sessions into daily life. 


Breathwork sessions available in person or online via Zoom

Restorative Breathwork®

Developed by Kathleen Barratt of Barratt Breath Institute, Restorative Breathwork® is a progressive practice that gently dismantles habitual breathing habits while restoring vitality to the body, mind, and spirit.


Each deeply relaxing session is guided by a specific intention and is uniquely designed to meet the particular needs of the individual. Using the natural, or innate, intelligence of the breath, habitual restrictions are released, allowing for deep restoration and the potential for a powerful transformation of consciousness. 

Breathwork is interactive, but you can experience some of the benefits with this free recorded session with Martha:

InSight Breathwork

These sessions are guided by the client's natural inquisitive nature. We all have a deep sense of curiosity about the world around us, and when we transfer this curiosity inward, there is much to be discovered. This approach focuses on a specific inquiry into what may be blocking the individual from opening to experiencing their true nature.


During these sessions, there is dialogue between the client and the facilitator as they journey together toward releasing what is in the way. These sessions combine subtle, gentle somatic movement, mindfulness, breath, and deep relaxation. You relax, breathe, and receive insight.

"Martha has this awesome ability to balance guiding the session while still being open to the spontaneous nature of the breath and energy. Each session feels unique." — A. Reed, Anahola, HI

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