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Therapeutic Somatic Movement

Have you ever been awe struck? Have you had the sense of being really present and everything slowing down in the moment you witness a shooting star, a rainbow, the glory of a sunset? Have you had a similar experience when connecting with your own physical body?

This is possible through Somatic Education. Your body is as amazing and as wondrous as any other force of nature. Through conscious volitional movement you are quite capable of healing and freeing it from the impacts of trauma, poor posture, and years of unknowingly exacerbating motor sensory amnesia.


When your body is in pain on any level, awe, joy, and general states of happiness and wellbeing are not readily available. Temporary relief may be available from external sources, but until you consciously connect with your own SOMA or body from the first person experience the relief is just that, temporary.


Reach out to discuss if you are ready to learn to gently move from less pain to more joy and freedom through the re-educational process of therapeutic somatic movement.

     "After decades of pain and discomfort caused by chronic autoimmune diseases and a traumatic health event, my work with Martha learning and using Somatic Movement has literally breathed new life into me. While traditional Western medicine has saved my life and provided scientific evidence that the various symptoms I was having were not life-threatening, my doctors had not been able to answer many questions as to why I was short of breath with minimal effort and had discomfort throughout my body that limited my physical activity. Martha has taught me how to relearn some basic movements within my torso, opening myself to breathe deeply again. I have corrected my posture and gait using small, subtle, and powerful movements. I have a long way to go, and after years of frustration, telling my doctors I have something wrong, like Dorothy, I have found I have the power within me. I look forward to continuing to work with Martha and learning more about my body and healing from within."  -Trish S.

    "I had the privilege of being facilitated by Martha in a Somatic Movement session recently to amazing effect. Her gentle yet precise guidance even though we were online was astounding and a testament to her dedication to heal clients. During the session I became more aware of how my body holds trauma and even experienced visual releases of old memories as she gently guided me through the blockages. Afterwards, I felt more freedom and more embodiment that felt both grounding and empowering. I highly recommend Martha as a Somatic Movement facilitator, especially if you would like to achieve an embodied sense of liberation." - Constantine G.. 


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