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Bioenergy is the energy of life. The building blocks of the body are biochemical matter and energy. This energy animates all life. Inside the body, all the cells are surrounded by energy. Externally, the entire body is surrounded by low-frequency electromagnetic fields. The flows of energy both within the body and around the body influence one another. 

A bioenergy practitioner is able to detect imbalances, congestion, and depletion in the energetic field of the client. Using a non-touch approach, the bioenergy practitioner balances the flows of energy. By correcting the flows of energy, this subtle healing art contributes to restoration of physical, emotional, and mental health and well-being.


Both in person and distance sessions available

"I suffered a stroke five years ago. I have been extremely fortunate since that time that Martha came into my life. Bioenergy, along with her encouragement, caring, and understanding, have greatly contributed to my continuing recovery."

R. Kamel, Roanoke, VA

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